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My Best Friend

I may take the liberty to introduce her to you, I may not. I do not feel the need go on and on about her in your presence. That would be simply annoying, however, you will never have to question my love for her. It will be very evident. She's my second best friend.

Her beauty, charm, and self-confidence are self-evident. She can speak for herself and answer the questions of those who may inquire about her occupation, desires, and experiences. If someone asks me about her, I will gladly answer them. I may even throw in an accolade or two concerning her reputation and love for me. I will try my best not to ramble outside the context of the question that I have been asked of her. It might be hard sometimes.

Why then do Christians feel the need to do this about their "best friend"? Talking to others about Him until they are blue in the face, and they didn't even ask about Him. After all, can He not speak for Himself? Rhetorical question of course.

My name is Erick, and my best friend is Jesus. I may take the liberty to introduce Him to you, I may not, but ultimately I pray my light shines so bright you will be compelled to ask me a question about Him.

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