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The Emails

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Hello Jae,

Here are the emails that I sent to Tritch, along with the counseling statement I received from him. I also included some of my journal entries that I wrote throughout the process to show my mind set during and after the incident.

Please note that my handwritten portion of the counseling statement was according to what I could best recall. I was never (to the best of my knowledge) given a copy of the original counseling statement. I requested a copy of the original counseling statement earlier today, which would show exactly what I wrote the day of the counseling, along with the counselor's hand written comments.

Also, as discussed, I do NOT wish any negative repercussions on Eric Tritch or Rob Gardner. Although I strongly disagree with the logic and ethics of their decision, I do not have any hard feelings against them NOR do I wish any negative repercussions against them. I verbalized many times to each of them that I was never intending to display insubordination or disrespect, and I apologized profusely if they interpreted differently. I'm an infantryman and respect is ingrained in us. I was merely attempting to tactfully and professionally maintain my convictions.

On the other hand, I did display resolve as I made it clear that no matter the consequences I would stand firm on what God was asking of me to not work seven days a week; however, in doing so I would be willing to work just as many if not more hours than anyone else for less pay (forfeiting the pay of the day I would be given off). You can verify this statement by looking at my last time card. I did not charge the company any hours for the day in which I did not come to work even though it was technically a sick day.

At the very bottom of this email is the email I sent to my friends at church, as well as an email from another friend verifying my health on that day (Sunday Oct 30th). This is the same email that I mentioned to both Mr. Tritch and Mr. Gardner. Church was every Sunday at 10am, and I was apart of the praise and worship band.

I could have done a much better job at letting Wormly [our shift lead] try to sort this out by communicating better with him my intent about having a day off. I failed in this. Hind sight is 20/20, but I thought my verbalization of this shortcoming would have cleared that up. On the other hand, I believe, - as stated in my verbal conversation with Mr. Gardner - that they were acting overly severe regarding my stance. More accurately this was the transaction,

Mr. Gardner said on Tues 11/1/16, "Since you didn't show up for work on Sunday, you basically resigned your position."

"No sir," I replied, "As stated by my hand written comments in the counseling, me not coming to work had more to do with my health. I have other emails verifying this. Also, if I had done the same thing outside the context of the email that I wrote concerning my convictions, I don't think we would be having this conversation. I asked the prior shift lead to let my shift lead know that I would not be in for work since I did not yet have his contact info, and I also let Tritch know."

Later in the conversation Rob mentioned that he respected my convictions, but had to set an example for the others. I told him that I would respect (although not agree with) his decision. We left each other after that meeting on very good terms and I said, "There are no hard feelings." He and Eric both were very helpful and respectful to me during the post termination process. A part of me feels bad even writing about them like this. I almost feel as if I should write Rob and request that he change his mind, but reaching out to you has more to do with standing up for religious convictions for the sake of others who may follow, and perhaps help others to learn from my mistakes that were made during this process.

Tritch and I had a very good working relationship as he was my prior shift lead and I still in many ways saw him filling that roll even after he recently began filling in for Christian Triance when he left for R&R. Wormly [shift lead during incident] and I just met as he returned from R&R, so I naturally gravitated towards Tritch because of the rapport I had with him. I realized and verbalized this shortcoming as well, especially since Tritch did take the time to lay out the chain of command.

It was never my intent to hinder the team, as was stated otherwise in the counseling against me, but from a logical and financial standpoint getting rid of me did more damage than I could ever do by taking off one day per week, plus I was willing to work more for less (although this is not necessarily fair). I also volunteered to stay through the holidays to give the guys who had families a chance to be home. And I know how much it cost to bring a person on board. Finally, I can say boldly yet humbly that I have yet to meet a person that will out-do me in work ethic and integrity. I am excited to meet such a person (hope she is my wife :)

Sorry for the book I just wrote, but I just want to be as detailed as